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Welcoming you to Chattahoochee Sauce Co. is more than just saying, “Welcome to the company,” it’s bringing you into the family. Here you will find our hearts and souls crafted into every sauce, video, blog, and recipe we create. We’re more than a simple sauce company. Our faith in God is our number one priority. Our belief in family drives all that we do. Our top goal is the best customer service to be found anywhere. So, on these pages you will find all of these principles guiding every move we make. We hope you enjoy your time with us. Welcome to the family.


Through the priorities of faith, family, then the rest, plus outstanding customer service, Chattahoochee Sauce Co. Strives to make the best quality sauces and rubs available to both the backyard griller and the home cook.


To make your good food taste better!

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