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Chattahoochee Sauce Co. started with an old recipe and a crazy idea that Bobby and I talked over for years. The family has always made barbeque sauce and given it as gifts to friends and family. One day, someone commented, “You should market this stuff.” We initially said no, but the idea had gotten its hooks into our respective brains and both of us (separately) began to think, “What if?” I have no idea who voiced it first, but once the idea was “out there,” so to speak, we started to fantasize about what selling this sauce would actually be like. There were a lot of “OMG, we could make a ton of money,” dreams and laughter at the ridiculousness of it all, because life invariably interrupted with kids, school, various lessons, work, and all the other stuff that makes the days go ‘round. We would talk about The Dream as we called it, then place it on the back burner of our thoughts until another few months would go by, and we would pull it out again.

Then Bobby lost a job he had helped to create and had held for fifteen years. During the six months he was out of work, we begin to think seriously about becoming our own bosses but didn’t really mention The Dream. When he went back to work, entrepreneurship took a side road, but never really left our thoughts. Unbeknownst to me, Bobby really didn’t like the new job and had begun to seriously contemplate what it would take to get CSC out of the planning stages. Six months in, his management decided they didn’t need his position after all, and once more, we were a one income family. This time, The Dream took precedence. We sat down and hashed out what having a sauce company looked like to each of us and what it would take to get one up and running.

We knew we wanted CSC to be faith and family oriented from the beginning. We’ve always been about faith first and family running a close second, so after lots of prayer and belief that this was the direction that God was taking us, family was involved in every stage of the planning. Our children are the creative brains behind a lot of the stuff you will see on this website and in the newsletter, from the tag lines and recipe development down to editing for grammar and punctuation. While Bobby and I are the front lines, they are the well-oiled machine that keeps the CSC e-machine running day to day.

You, also, are the glue that holds this company together. Without you, our loyal fan base, there would be no Chattahoochee Sauce Co. You became part of the family the moment you decided to click on this website, or order our sauce. Welcome. We hope you enjoy getting to know us and having us around. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

What can you expect from this site? As you have seen, the Home page is just that: Home. From there, or from any other page, you can click on the tabs at the top and visit anywhere on the site. We are currently tweaking the site to get it just right so bear with us for a while, please.

The About Us page is where you will find our Mission and Vision statements. We don’t do anything in this company without running it through those two statements first. If it doesn’t fit our mission or our vision, it doesn’t get done. Period.

Here’s where you can also contact us if you need to. While we can’t answer every email that is sent to us, we do read them, we promise. You can also sign up for our newsletter on this page. It will be sent out once a quarter so that you are not inundated with emails from us.

The Updates tab is, of course, where you are now. These pages will change from month to month. Some months will have a new video from Bobby, and some months will have a new blog, usually from me. Some months may have both, so check back frequently.

The Recipe page is all about the mouth-watering goodness that comes from new recipes. While they won’t all feature our sauce, they will have all been taste tested and tweaked by us at CSC so you will know that you are getting the best food we know how to prepare. We’ll try to post two new recipes a month so that you’ll have something to look forward to. (Spoiler Alert: The newsletter will also have recipes in it and they will not be the same ones that are on the website, so be sure and sign up for it as well!)

The Shop page is where you get to order the deliciousness that is 1804 Original Barbecue Sauce. We are currently in the planning and testing stages for other types of sauces and rubs so keep checking back to see what we come up with.

So, that’s a bit of history of our company and the highlights of our website. We hope you visit us frequently to find out what is going on with Chattahoochee Sauce Co. and the family. See you soon!

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